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The absence of one or more teeth can have a profound impact on daily life and the aesthetics of one’s smile. Dental implants offer a transformative solution, preventing changes in the mouth’s structure and restoring both function and appearance. Regain confidence with our expert dental implant services

What is dental implants?

A dental implant is manufactured from titanium material. The dentist will secure each titanium implant into the bone. The implant is capable of supporting various tooth restorations including dental crowns, to multiple dental bridges. Each time a dental implant is fixed into the bone, it bonds to the jaw and functions similar to the root of a natural tooth.

Implant dentistry is usually a beneficial option for any individual with good overall health and are administered during a surgical procedure while the patient is under local anesthetic.

The dental implant process

First, the anchor is inserted surgically. For certain implants, attaching a post to connect the anchor to the replacement teeth necessitates a second procedure. In other implants, the post and anchor are inserted simultaneously and already attached.

The following stage starts once the implant’s surrounding bone and gums have had time to recover, which could take several weeks. The post section of the anchor is where the prosthetic teeth are manufactured and installed.

A fantastic solution to replace one or more lost teeth is dental implants.

Who Dental Implants can help?

Implants may provide options for patients who are unable to function properly with conventional dentures. An implant will restore proper function to a lost tooth. In some circumstances, implant is a more effective tooth replacement alternative than a bridge. This is especially true given that it has no effect on the structural integrity of the surrounding teeth. However, not all patients are suitable for implants. The most prevalent concerns that hinder a patient from becoming a candidate are a lack of bone support and space between existing teeth. We will review your situation and assist you in determining the best solution for you.

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