Dental Cleaning/Scaling

Dental Cleaning and Dental Scaling In Scarborough

Dental Cleaning Scaling

Looking to achieve cleaner teeth? The dental cleaning and dental scaling services at our Scarborough dental office provides our patients a comfortable experience the moment you walk into our dental clinic.

Prior to your dental cleaning, you will be required to take a comprehensive examination of oral health which includes an oral cancer screening, measurement of your gum line as well as documentation of any previous dental work you might have received.

Once your examination at our Scarborough dental clinic is complete, we will begin scaling and root planning procedure. This will involve the eradication of any build up and tartar deposits from your teeth.

The next step after a scaling and root planning procedure is dental polishing. With dental polishing your dental team will attempt to remove any residual plaque and stains that remain on your teeth, ensuring good oral health.

The final process of our dental cleaning service is the fluoride application. Your dentist will apply fluoride to ensure your teeth remain healthy and help prevent cavities. Fluoride has many beneficial qualities such as rebuilding weak tooth enamel, slow the loss of minerals from your tooth enamel, stop bacteria from growing in your mouth and help with the treatment of tooth decay during the early stages.

Dental Cleaning